What Does It Mean To Eat Like A Champ?

Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, at least 5 servings every day.

Drinking lots of water to hydrate properly and  reducing caffeine consumption.

Focusing on real food at farmers markets instead of highly processed food.

Reducing hidden sources of sugar and replacing them with natural sweetness.

Balancing plant-based meals and high quality sources of protein.

Not being afraid to incorporate healthy fats into your meals, like avocado.

Are You Ready To Eat Like A Champ?

My book, Eat Like A Champ, provides all the details you need, along with healthy recipes and a food & fitness tracker.



Pop Quiz - Answer these questions to see if you are ready for Reni:

  • Do you feel more comfortable running a 5K vs. cooking quinoa in your kitchen?

  • Does one of your go-to skills in the involve kitchen boiling water for pasta?

  • Do you find calorie-counting tedious and / or frustrating?

  • Do you eat pizza after a workout because you feel you earned it?

  • Are you so exhausted after a long day you order take out food instead of trying to figure out what to cook and making a meal?

  • Do you eat more meals in restaurants vs. food you cook at home?

  • Does a barista know you by name because of your daily caffeine fixes?

  • Are you trying to watch what you eat, but you still can’t lose weight?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable and / or self-conscious in your clothes?

  • Did you play sports in school, ignore your nutrition, and maintain your weight – but find it harder to do this as you get older?

If you answered yes to one of more of these questions, I am here to help!

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Looking for a Healthy Recipe?

Cooking is one of the best activities for your health.  My recipes are simple, delicious, and good for you.  If you are new to the kitchen, or an old pro looking for new ideas, visit my recipe repository.  This is a great one-stop-shop if you need inspiration in the kitchen.

Are You Ready to Eat Like A Champ?

My book, Eat Like A Champ, will help teach you how to eat so you can stop counting calories and enjoy the food that will fuel your fitness.  In addition to nutrition basics, Eat Like A Champ includes recipes as well as a food & fitness journal.

What is a Health Coach?

Health Coaches are knowledgeable, trained professionals who provide support and guidance as you set wellness goals and make sustainable changes to improve your nutrition, fitness, and even your happiness. How can I help you?