I know the secret to healthy eating, and it's not what most people think...

I wasn’t always a Health Coach.  I struggled for years to find work-life balance at a stressful job.  I was tired all the time and gaining weight.  I was getting up early to endure my long commute in traffic while guzzling coffee.  I dragged myself to the gym everyday and counted all my calories, but I still wasn’t seeing any changes in my energy or my waist-line. I never cooked at home, opting to go out or order take-out, because I didn’t know how to cook.  I was not happy.

Everything changed once I conquered the fear of my kitchen and started cooking! Counting calories isn’t the best way to focus on your wellness.  Cooking simple, healthy meals with quality ingredients is the key.

Fun Facts about Me:

My fitness-focus was engrained from an early age as a student athlete, playing basketball, soccer and volleyball throughout school.  Today I enjoy running and tackle several 5Ks and 10Ks a year; sometimes even a Half Marathon. I am always looking for new, fun workouts, like PiYo.

I am a Health Coach, having received my certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a published author; check out my books in the Eat Like A Champ series.  I love to cook and focus on simple recipes using real, local food.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and two retired racing Greyhounds, Lucie and Buddy.

I have a BA in English & Business, a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management and a PMP Certification.  I have almost 20 years of experience working in “Corporate America” as a Project Manager.

It didn’t happen over-night...

But through finding a balance to fuel my fitness with healthy home-cooked meals, I now feel very happy and healthy. Interested in learning how you can do this?