Here are real results from real clients who participated in my programs:

3 Day Cleanse:

  • Weight loss (from 1-10 pounds): “I’ve lost 9lbs since the start of the last cleanse. It really has been the kick start I needed.
  • Reducing or eliminating coffee and / or soda and drinking more water: “Drinking more water.  Now I rarely drink coffee!!”
  • Adding more fresh fruit and vegetables: “Fresh, raw vegetables have become as important as fruit for me!”
  • Adding a healthy afternoon snack into their daily routine.
  • Cutting out gluten, dairy, and / or meat from certain meals: “The three day cleanse reminded me to eat more raw vegetables, and that I did not need bread at lunch!”
  • Reduced cravings:  “I enjoyed that it helped curb feeling hungry all of the time so I can lower my overall daily calorie intake going forward. I’m going to also try and kick soda for good!”
  • Motivation:  “I lost 4.6lbs and today am wearing shorts I haven’t worn in 3 years. Absolute motivation to keep going.”
  • Increased focus and clarify:  “I loved the 3 day cleanse. It put me in the right state of mind and I felt even sharper at work.”

Eat Like A Champ Workshop

  • New healthy foods:  “I tried to make meals with all the ingredients.  New to my menu now is sunflower seeds and quinoa. Surprisingly, I loved both!”
  • New healthy recipes:  “I’m definitely going to be making the spaghetti squash again, that sauce was amazing. I’m glad I have some more recipes too.”
  • Healthy additions to regular meal planning:  “I learned how to roast sweet potatoes, and had my first experience with spaghetti squash.  These will become part of my regular menu plans.”
  • Learning to meal plan:  “Planning and coming up with healthy recipes in advance will contribute to a healthy life stye.”

Client Testimonials

“I have substituted lemon water for my normal coffee several days since the program. I have eaten better for lunch than normal thanks to leftovers from this challenge. I am thinking before mindlessly picking up that piece of chocolate in the office.”  Simone, a Finance & Operations Director in Portland, OR

“Reni, you have done an excellent job of creating recipes that are easy and really good. We eat healthy and have many healthy cookbooks. Your recipes take much less time to prepare than my other recipes, which is paramount!”  Lori, a Recruiter and Mom of 3 boys in Hawthorne Woods, IL

“You provided the shopping list and recipes.  Also you give a lot of encouragement to the participants even when we deviate from the plan.  I continue to look for different alternatives for meals, we have been finding more recipes than do not include meat.  I am actually making them!”  Diane, a Respiratory Therapist in Portland, OR

“The biggest tangible change I have noticed since starting the Cleanse has been that I do not crave sugar any longer!  I am also  aware of drinking more water throughout the day. I would recommend Reni to / for helping people form healthy eating habits and lifestyle through simple, easy to prepare food and exercise.”  Sue, an active retiree in Woodstock, IL

**Results vary from person-to-person, based on bio-individuality and health goals**